10 Command Prompt Hacks

Almost every Windows user is familiar with CMD, or Command Prompt, but few are aware of how to use it. So here are the top 10 Command Prompt Hacks you can try.

1. Change the Color of the Command Prompt Window

Launch CMD and Right-click on the title bar. Then click on “Properties” and in the separate window that opens, click on “Colors”

2. Change the Prompt Text in Command Prompt

Open Command Prompt and type “prompt” followed by the desired text. Make sure to add “$G” to the end of the command to ensure that the “>” symbol shows at the end of the prompt, so that you know where your command starts.

3. List Every Driver Installed on Your Windows 10 PC

Type in driverquery /FO list /v in CMD, and you will see a list of drivers on your screen. Use this command to save the drivers list to a document. “driverquery > C:\Users\YourUsername\Desktop\driver.txt

4. List all Installed Programs

Launch Command Prompt, and type “wmic product get name

5. Hide Folders using Command Prompt

Type “Attrib +h +s +r folderName“, replacing the “folderName” with the name of the folder that you want to hide, and press Enter. To unhide the folder, you can use the command “Attrib -h -s -r folderName“.

6. Command History

This will come in handy when you’re looking for a command you’ve used before. Type “doskey /history

7. Scan system files for problems

If some files are missing or corrupted, this command fixes them. Type “sfc /scannow

8. Know networks you’re connected to

Type ““netsh wlan show profile””

9. Show wifi password

Use the command “netsh wlan show profile SSID key=clear” and just replace “SSID” with the name of the wifi network.

10. Get Information About Your PC (Windows)

Just type “systeminfo” and press Enter.

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