4 Main Types of Software

We use the software in many forms, each of these forms can be traced back to four main types of software.

System Software

System Software helps the user, the computer, or mobile device. System software is essential for the proper operation of any application software as well as the entire computer system. System software is always running in the background of your device. Apple’s iOS is an example of system software and Microsoft Windows.

Programming Software

Computer programmers and developers use programming software to write code. These are programs is for writing, developing, testing, and debugging other software programs.

Driver Software

Driver software is used to control and operate devices that are connected to a computer.

Application Software

Application software is installed on a computer or mobile device based upon a user’s need. There are numerous options available, and customers can select the one that best matches their needs, budget, and expectations. Some examples of application software include internet browsers, word processing applications like Microsoft Word, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

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