Add or Commit changes to the Existing Branch

  • First Open your Visual Studio Code
  • Once Opened Go to the Upper Tab, Search for the Terminal, and Run the Terminal
  • You can also Right Click the Project Manager and Find the “Open in Integrated Terminal” And then a Terminal would pop-out
  • To check your Branch Repositories type “git branch” to show you the lists
  • And if you want to move your branch from ‘master’ to ‘your_branch_name’ type “git checkout your_branch_name”
  • Here we will have an experiment of adding another file to our workspace
  • A simple code would be enough
  • With the help of VS code, we can immediately see the added file in our terminal and check if there are any changes.
  • Untracked files are files created within your repo’s working directory but have not yet been added to the repository.
  • to add those files to your local repository type “git add (“yourfilename”)” in order to select only the files needed
  • or you could just use “git add .” to add all those files
  • and then after adding those files don’t forget to commit and add a comment ‘-m’ as this will help you check what has been modified or added
  • then lastly “git push origin head” as this will push your local main branch to the branch of the same name on the remote
  • then to check your added files go to your GitHub and 2 branches have been added
  • then lastly merge the two branches and you’re done
  • You’ve successfully added and modified your files to your main

This is the Continuation of Creating a New Branch in Github Using Visual Studio Code


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