Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using Dark Mode

A user interface, such as a smartphone or laptop, can be turned to dark mode.

It implies that instead of the typical dark text appearing on a light screen (known as ‘light mode,’) a light color text (white or grey) appears on a dark or black screen.

Most phones and applications, on the other hand, default to light mode.

Dark mode is also referred to as:

  • a dark mode
  • dark color scheme
  • manner of the night
  • light-on-dark

Dark mode minimizes the amount of light emitted by device screens while keeping the minimum color contrast ratios needed for readability.

Dark settings are available on both iPhones and Android phones. However, certain apps would require you to enable dark mode manually.

Dark mode is also available on several PC operating systems, allowing you to set it up on your desktop or laptop.

So, the major issue is: is it time to cross over to the other side?

advantages of using dark mode

  • It works better in low-light environments, so you may use it in bed without waking up your mate or at the movies without bothering others.
  • There would be less ‘blue light’ emitted by your phone, which might keep you awake if you use it before bedtime.
  • Can consume less energy, resulting in a longer battery life for your phone
  • In low-light situations, it has the ability to minimize eye strain and dryness.
  • Dark mode, according to some experts, can aid persons with light sensitivity or vision impairment.

Disadvantages of using dark mode

  • Light-versus-dark isn’t necessarily better for eye strain; text might look washed out, causing weariness.
  • In dark mode, reading large chunks of material or text might be difficult.
  • In a brightly lit sunny environment, light lettering on a dark backdrop might be difficult to read.
  • Dark mode will not save your battery if your phone has an outdated LCD screen. For this to be the case, you’ll need an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen.

In the end, opinions on dark mode are divided. However, until we know for sure if it decreases eye strain and promotes sleep, you may leave your phone outside your bedroom.


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