Advantages of Open Source Software

Almost all applications known today contain open-source components. Programmers use various open-source software for their own projects. Most open-source projects are usually hosted on a repository, like GitHub. So anyone who wishes to make changes to the code can download the code from the repository.

1. High-quality software

Code is always available when using open source software. Open source software is mostly high-quality software and it is well-designed. It is an ideal choice for organizations to use. And bugs in open source software are identified very quickly as the code is being constantly reviewed by multiple developers.

2. Sustainability

As the open source software continuously growing, it is always developing and improving. Open source software promotes education for students to use for experimenting with applications without restrictions.

3. Fast Updates

Open source software is in a constant state of review and upgrades by skilled developers working on making the software more efficient and secure. The code contributed by these programmers also gets reviewed quicker.

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