advantages of Running WordPress Site in Ubuntu

One of the greatest operating systems for running your WordPress site is Ubuntu. It is also an open-source Linux-based OS that is freely available. If you want to build a blog or launch a commercial website, you can count on core benefits like data security and more if you use the Ubuntu operating system server technology.

Here are the advantages of running WordPress site in Ubuntu:

  1. Ubuntu is Free- No licensing fees required
  2. Customizable- You’ll have incredible levels of customization of both how you control and manage your site, as well as the inner working, or backend of it.
  3. Easy Updates- Ubuntu updates background software without disrupting you from carrying out your project
  4. Extensive Documentation- Whatever you might need, chances are someone made a tutorial about it.
  5. More Resource Friendly- Due to the lack of GUI, Ubuntu is much more resource-friendly compared to any other server software.
  6. Ubuntu is Designed with the Command Line Front and Center- Ubuntu is designed with an excellent command-line interface that is fairly easy to learn as the default support for its Bash.
  7. Secure- offers its users much more flexibility when designing the perfect firewall for your website when compared to other operating systems.
  8. Allows Additional Repositories for Extra Software- Ubuntu has several repositories; through them, it provides additional software for your system.


The Pros and Cons of Running WordPress on Ubuntu

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