Benefits of using Google Drive as Storage

As technologies upgrade generation by generation, it gets easier for everyone to have access in everything. With the use of google drive, you can store, access, and share your files and even photos in one destination. This give multiple benefits to its users such as:

  1. Trusted storage for confidential files
    Google Drive is connected to your emails which means someone can’t open your account without your password.
  2. Files can be shared
    Documents and photos are safe in google drive as it requires password but it can also be shareable to a colleague when you want to. You can also control if you will give them permission to edit in your documents, send a comment, or view only,
  3. Less consumption of device storage.
    Google drive for computer or laptop gives you access directly to your stored files or currently in progress files. You can directly save it to google drive which will lessen your time in syncing.
  4. Use-anywhere application
    If you are outside, in school, or anywhere far from your computer, you can still have access in your files that are saved in your drive. You can also open it in different devices like smartphones, laptop, and tablet.


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