Benefits of Using Selenium IDE

Selenium is a web application testing framework that is free and open-source. Without having to learn a test scripting language, Selenium provides a playback tool for building functional tests.

16 reasons why to use Selenium IDE in 2021 (and 1 why not) - Automated  Visual Testing | Applitools
  • Provides you with the option to automatically record your test cases depending on your browser activities.
  • Allows developers to be more creative while executing test cases. The test developer can either run the whole test suite, which includes many test cases, or a single test case.
  • Operates using a large number of Selenese commands that assist the IDE in determining what needs to be done.
  • Allows test developers to place breakpoints in order to debug certain test scenarios.
  • The run command can be used to reuse test cases. (For example, allowing you to reuse the login or reload logic across the entire suite)
  • The use of multiple-locators for each element in the IDE ensures that the program runs smoothly.


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