Benefits of WiFi extender

Better Coverage in Wide Open Area

When you need to cover the wireless network coverage of a large household, a WiFi Extender or Repeater is a great choice. Integrating a wireless extender into your house will widen the range of your wireless network across the premises, which is one of the key benefits of WiFi extenders. It functions as a repeater, amplifying your router’s signal.

WiFi Extender is Easy to setup

The majority of WiFi range extenders now provide automated setting and plug-and-play capability. To put it to use, you don’t require any technical knowledge. Within minutes, you can unbox a gadget, put it into a power outlet, and turn it on. There is no cost associated with installing a WiFi extension.

Reusing Existing Router

You can utilize your old router with a WiFi range extender since the repeater and your old router have the same SSID. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of removing an outdated router from your house, you may utilize it as a repeater by employing a range extender.

Installing a WiFi range extender saves you time and work while also allowing you to reuse the signal across your house. This allows you to get the most out of your outdated network equipment.


You won’t need any more network equipment because a wireless range extender will increase your network coverage. Another advantage of employing wifi extenders is the ability to save money.

Aside from being the simplest to set up, a WiFi extender installation does not need any additional cables or labour. You won’t have to worry about additional installation charges or buying new wires because these gadgets are already pre-configured.

Multiple Users can connect

When a new user connects to your home network, one of the primary disadvantages of utilizing a shared Wireless network is the lower transmission speed. Consider this scenario: one person is streaming in bulk while you are trying to load your Wikipedia page.

It’s not uncommon to find oneself in this predicament when your shared bandwidth decreases as more individuals join. By supplying several channels and frequencies, a WiFi range extender allows these users to connect to the network regardless of where they are in the house.


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