CodeSee launches codebase onboarding portal for open source developers

CodeSee, a maker of tools that help developers to visualize and understand large codebases, has unveiled OSS Port, a community website that aims to connect potential contributors with open source projects, and ease the process of onboarding.

CodeSee says it is addressing a situation in which developers spend more time trying to understand code than write it. With OSS Port, maintainers of software projects can provide best practices, guidance, and interactive visual walkthroughs of their codebases using CodeSee Maps, a technology now in beta for visualizing codebases and mapping their flow of execution.

CodeSee Maps can show dependencies across Go, JavaScript, Java, and Python codebases, according to the company. CodeSee is working to provide codebase visibility from top-down and bottom-up perspectives, with the goal being continuous code understanding. CodeSee Maps update every time a pull request is merged.


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