Draw.Io and Atlassian Integration

Draw.io has been integrated into a vast number of tools and platforms. One of them is the Atlassian, see the the details below.


As a server, data center, and cloud, draw.io cooperates in a knowledge base on various diagrams, document code, write user manuals, track business processes, collaborate on marketing infographics, and develop business strategies with your coworkers. All changes to your diagrams are logged and kept centrally and securely.


As a core, software, service desk, server, and cloud, insert diagrams straight into tickets to improve and speed up debugging, development, and customer service. Flow charts can be used to demonstrate how to replicate errors, Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams and mockups can be used to develop software, and process charts can be used to refine business, service, or manufacturing processes.


You can add draw.io illustrations to Trello cards to communicate more clearly, even if you’re using the lightweight task tracking tool at work or privately.

Source: https://drawio-app.com/integrations-ecosystem/

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