Drawbacks of AI in Today’s World and Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already well-established, as we have seen in the past. The fact is that AI is still a very young technology, and it is unclear what benefits it will bring to businesses, or whether those benefits will be positive.

We are all benefiting from it, and scientists are as well predicting a brighter future with this technology. Though we’re all attracted by ideas like self-driving cars and personalized shopping, are there any disadvantages from AI that we’re not aware of? The following are some of its drawbacks:

  1. Human Workforce – Human engagement is getting less as AI replaces most work, which will present a huge challenge in employment standards. Every company is attempting to replace the bare minimum of skilled employees with AI robots that can perform similar tasks with far more efficiency. AI and its revolution can be the primary reason of the decrease in workforce and job opportunities in the future.
  2. Human Interaction – Machines are undeniably superior to humans when it comes to efficiency, but they will never be able to replace human interaction. They are unable to form bonds with humans, which is an important characteristic in team management. With its applications automating most of the job, AI is making humans lazy. We are becoming reliant on these advancements, which may pose a threat to future generations.
  3. Human Data Privacy – AI is also naturally proficient at analyzing enormous data sets, and it is perhaps the only way to analyze large amounts of data in an acceptable length of time. However, with bulk data it collects and analyze, in the future human data privacy can be compromised. The threat of data exploitation, data breach, identification and tracking, prediction as well as profiling still remain a big challenge for this technology.

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