How Far Can Robots Go?

Robot of the Future

Ameca is the most advanced human-shaped robot in the world, representing the cutting edge of human-robotics technology. It is the ideal humanoid robot platform for human-robot interaction because it was designed specifically as a platform for development into future robotics technologies.

Ameca, created by the British company Engineered Arts, went viral after its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022. It is powered by 17 individual motors and is constructed from 3D in-house scans of real people, allowing it to mimic human bone structure, skin texture, and expressions. Engineered Arts also learned from their previous project, Mesmer, that making a robot look less lifelike in some ways, such as exposing more mechanical parts and coloring it grey, can be beneficial.

Artificial Intelligence X Artificial Body (AI X AB)

Human-like artificial intelligence requires the use of a human-like artificial body (AI x AB).  Ameca’s powerful Tritium robot operating system can be used to test and develop artificial intelligence and machine learning system. Ameca hardware is a product of Engineered Arts’ research into humanoid robotics, and it is based on their advanced Mesmer technology.

Ameca’s Current Abilities

If Ameca makes you think of movies like I Robot and the potential demise of humanity, don’t worry: the company says it won’t have anything close to a production model for another ten years. The robot is also not designed to run, jump, or do any type of quick movement (it can’t even walk yet), so if you ever feel uncomfortable, you can simply run away from it.

Finally, it is critical to note that Ameca does not include any type of AI (for now). It’s just a series of pre-programmed movements designed to mimic human movement. So, while it may appear that it is gaining sentience when it awakens, it is not.


Ameca: The robot who can smile, blink, and make expressions

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