How to add extensions to VS code

Visual Studio Code is a powerful piece of software that most people use to get started with programming. It is one of the most widely used programming tools in the world due to its robust features, cross-compatibility, and wide range of programming languages.

While VS Code comes with a lot of features out of the box, it can be enhanced even more with extensions, which add new languages, compilers, and other tools to help programmers work more efficiently.

Install an Extension

The extensions for Visual Studio Code can be found in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace. Before being made available on the Visual Studio Code Marketplace, extensions are scanned for viruses. As a result, these extensions can be relied upon.

Now is the time to give vim, the text editor that Linux users rave about, a try.

Just joking. Let us install something that is more beginner-friendly and that a novice can easily use without much practice.

02 select intellicode 1

From the list of the most popular extensions, select the Visual Studio IntelliCode (#1) extension.

The Visual Studio IntelliCode extension is installed by simply clicking the Install button (#2). While you’re writing code, this extension provides AI-predicted suggestions.

You will be able to use this extension to its full potential once it has been installed. Try typing a few lines of code in your preferred programming language to see if the suggested AI autocomplete helps you out and doesn’t slow down your workflow.

Uninstall an extension

If you don’t like any of the installed extensions, simply click the Uninstall button (#2) to get rid of them completely.

03 intellicode installation done 1

If you have multiple extensions installed and you believe one of them is causing you problems, such as sudden crashes, you can disable one (or more) of them by clicking the Disable button (#1) and see if extension x, extension y, or something else entirely was causing the problem.

Because removing and reinstalling extensions takes a long time, disabling extensions can be useful if you have multiple extensions installed.


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