How to be Cyber Safe?

Rushing and the the lack of awareness make the perfect setting for a successful cyber attack or cyber crime so here’s the tips for keeping you safe in cyber crime.

1. Backup 
(3-2-1 backup rule)

2. Do Secured Browsing (HTTPS)

3. Use Anti-Virus

5. Use Firewalls

6. Use Strong Passwords

7. Secure your Devices

a. Be careful of what you plug in to your devices
b. Don’t mindlessly install 3rd party apps directly from the internet
c. Don’t forget to patch your operating systems
d. Be mindful in connecting to free public wi-fi networks

8. Secure your Online Accounts

a. Use 2FA/MFA
b. Only add people you know
c. Don’t do ATMs

9. Privacy and Decency

10. Awareness and Attitude of Distrust

11. Report and ask help from Authorities

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