how to convert all gmail mails to .eml format using thunderbird

Prerequisite: You should have a Google account and thunderbird installed on your machine. Download thunderbird on

Converting all Gmail mails to .eml format

Step 1: Open thunderbird and login your Gmail.

Step 2: On the upper right, click the three small horizontal line and select Add-ons and themes.

Step 3: Search for Import Export Tool NG. It will open another tab, Select the Import Export Tool NG and then click Add to Thunderbird

Step 4: After clicking “add to Thunderbird, it will open a pop up message. Click Add.

Step 5: Go back to Inbox tab, right-click inbox, Select ImportExportTools NG, select Export all messages in the folder, and select EML format.

Step 6: Select a folder where you want to save the exported mails. It will take time depending on how many mails do you have.

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