How to Create a new Branch In GitHub Using Visual Studio Code

  • First Open your Visual Studio Code
  • Once Opened Go to the Upper Tab, Search for the Terminal, and Run the Terminal
  • You can also Right Click the Project Manager and Find the “Open in Integrated Terminal” And then a Terminal would pop-out


Creating a New Branch

  • First type “git branch”
  • This would allow you to check any open branches
  • So in order to create a New branch that can work on the side but not actually impact the main files or folders themselves
  • Type in “git branch -c” for create and then name your file just as shown below
  • And then to check your branches if they have been added
  • Type “git branch”
  • And if you want to move your branch from ‘master’ to ‘your_branch_name’ type “git checkout your_branch_name”
  • git checkout- The git checkout command lets you navigate between the branches created by the git branch.

So With the Knowledge of Git branches, these are effectively a pointer to a snapshot of your changes. When you want to add a new feature or fix a bug—no matter how big or how small—you spawn a new branch to encapsulate your changes.

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