How to Create App Bundle for Google Play Console in Visual Studio Code

Google Play utilizes your app bundle to produce and offer you optimized APKs for each device configuration. To ensure you that downloading only the code and resources required for operating a particular device to your app. Accordingly, Users get smaller, more efficient downloads, and managing several APKs to customize support for various devices is no longer necessary.

Creating your App Bundle
  • Open your VS Code application. Copy and paste on your Terminal the codes below.
flutter clean
  • This initially cleans or deletes remaining packages and builds on your source code.
flutter build apk
  • This creates an Apk file from your source code, which can be used to install for your emulators. Since, Google Play Console is no longer accepting Apks, thus, App Bundles are the ones we need.
flutter build appbundle
  • This creates the App bundle.
Where to Find your App Bundle
  • To locate your app bundle.
  • Go to your [file folder] > build > app > outputs > bundle > release

Hoping this article helps you create a App Bundle in Visual Studio Code!


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