How to create new folder in flutter

Creating a folder is the basic but yet important on creating an mobile application.

Here are the ways on creating your new Flutter file.

creating folder using Visual Sudio Code Application

Open your Visual Studio Code Application and press command keys Ctrl+ Shift + P and press enter and type Flutter: New Project then click it. Choose your template as mobile development choose application template.

Note: on creating your project file name it should all lower case and with underscores _ to seperate words. Then choose the location you want to save and your done on creating your New file onn fluttter.

creating folder using command prompt

One of the easiest way on creating new Flutter file using command promt. Open your command promt and type cd + where you want to save like cd desktop if you want to save on your desktop.

After that type flutter+ create + file name of your project.

a few seconds the file is created and open it. to open your created file you can open your Visual Studio Code application click Open new folder and select the folder you created.


Creating a new file is basic but it has a big role on your project you cant build a project without creating a file thats how important it is. Knowing the basics is the most important in building your application or doing a huge projects or things you want.

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