How to Fix a Google Drive “Refused to Connect” Error

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Google Drive sometimes displays a “ refused to connect” error, which is usually the result of an account permission conflict. You can get around that problem using a few different methods, which we’ll walk you through.

Solution 1: Use an Incognito Window in Your Web Browser

A quick way to fix Google Drive’s connection error is to use your web browser’s incognito window (also called a private browsing window). This isolates your logged-in Google accounts and makes sure you’re only using the intended account for your work. However, this is a temporary solution; your Google login in the incognito window will not be remembered after you exit.

To launch an incognito window in Chrome, from the browser’s top-right corner, select the three dots.

Click the three dots at the top-right corner.

In the three-dots menu, choose “New Incognito Window.”

Select "New Incognito Window" from the menu.

In the window that opens, access Google Drive and sign in to the account you wish to use. Your Drive refusing to connect error is now resolved.

Solution 2: Log Out of Multiple Google Accounts

Another way to get around the problem is by logging out of all your Google accounts in your web browser. This fixes the conflict issue, as you’ll only have one Google account active at a time while accessing Drive.

To sign out from all Google accounts in your browser, first, launch the Google Drive site in your web browser.

In Drive’s top-right corner, click your Google profile icon.

From the menu that opens, select “Sign Out of All Accounts.”


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