How to Fix not working Snip & Sketch In Windows 10

The Win + Shift + S keyboard shortcut, powered by the Snip & Sketch tool, allows you to quickly take a screenshot of a particular screen area or the entire screen. Some users are facing a situation where the hotkey combination doesn’t work on their Windows 10 computer. For instance, nothing may happen when you use the hotkeys. Or you don’t get the Snip & Sketch screen capture notification in the Taskbar notification area.

1) Check the Snip & Sketch hotkey setting

The Snip & Sketch hotkey combination can be changed in Settings. It could be possible that the Print Screen button is chosen as the Snip & Sketch hotkey.

  1. Click Start → Settings → Ease of Access → Keyboard
  2. If you want to use Win + Shift + S for snipping, disable “Use the PrtScn button to open screen snipping.”

Or, you may have the above option enabled and test if the Snip & Sketch hotkey works by pressing the Print Screen key. This can be helpful, especially if a third-party program has taken over the Win + Shift + S hotkey combination.

2.) Enable the Clipboard history

Some users have indicated that turning on the clipboard history feature helped fix the Snip & Sketch issue.

  1. Open the Settings window, click System → Clipboard.
  2. Turn on Clipboard history.

3) Enable Snip & Sketch switch notifications

  1. Open the Settings window, click System → Notification & actions.
  2. Enable the toggle switch named “Get Notifications from apps and other senders”
  3. Under “Get Notifications from these senders,” enable the toggle switch for Snip & Sketch.

Note: Regardless of your notification or Focus Assist setting, the screen clip would be copied to the Windows clipboard anyway. If you wish to test that out, you can open a Paint window and paste the image from the clipboard. Under the hood, the Snip & Sketch tool also saves your screen clip to a temporary folder.

4) Reset Snip & Sketch

If the above settings don’t help, see if resetting Snip & Sketch helps.

  1. Open Settings → Apps → Apps & Features.
  2. Select Snip & Sketch from the list.
  3. Click the Advanced options link.
  4. In the resulting screen, and click Reset.

5) Uninstall and Reinstall Snip & Sketch

As a last option, you may try uninstalling Snip & Sketch and reinstalling it.

  1. Open Settings → Apps → Apps & Features.
  2. Select Snip & Sketch from the list.
  3. Click Uninstall.
  4. Open the Microsoft Store app, search for Snip & Sketch and install it.

If all the options didn’t work, try restarting your computer.


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