How to Forget a Saved Wi-Fi Network on Windows 11

When troubleshooting a Wi-Fi connection in Windows 11, it might be beneficial to erase or remove saved Wi-Fi network settings and start over. Or perhaps you no longer want your PC to connect to a certain hotspot. Fortunately, it’s simple to “forget” a Wi-Fi network with a few mouse clicks. This is how.

How to Remove a Known Network from Quick Settings

It’s easy to overlook a nearby Wi-Fi network while utilizing the Quick Settings menu.

Click the area to the left of the clock in the taskbar to bring up the Quick Settings menu.
First, in the far right corner of the Windows taskbar, click the Quick Settings icon. It’s a secret button behind the Wi-Fi and sound volume icons.
In the Quick Settings menu, click the arrow within the Wi-Fi network button.
Locate the Wi-Fi control button and click the sideways-facing arrow within it when the Quick Settings menu opens. (If you don’t see the Wi-Fi control button, you may add it to the Quick Settings menu by clicking the pencil symbol.)

The Quick Settings menu will show a list of Wi-Fi access points, with the one you’re presently connected to (if any) at the top.

In Windows 11, right-click the Wi-Fi network and select "Forget."
Locate and right-click the Wi-Fi access point whose profile you wish to remove. In the little choice that displays, select “Forget.”

Windows 11 will forget the Wi-Fi network, erasing all previously saved settings for that access point. If it was the default Wi-Fi access point earlier, your PC will no longer attempt to connect to it automatically.

If you wish to rejoin a network you’ve forgotten about, click the “Connect” button next to the name of the Wi-Fi network in the list, enter the password, and you’ll be back online.

How to Forget a Known Network in Settings

You may now remove saved Wi-Fi networks in the Windows 11 Settings app. This allows you to forget a Wi-Fi network even if you are not in its current range.

Click "Manage Known Networks."
To do so, go to Settings (Windows+i), then Network & Internet > Wi-Fi, and finally “Manage Known Networks.”
Click "Forget."
Locate the Wi-Fi network you wish to delete in the “Manage Known Networks” menu and hit the “Forget” button next to it.

Windows will remove the network, and you’ll be good to go. Close Settings and you may continue to use your computer as usual.

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