How to get .Apk from Flutter using Virtual Studio Code?


Does it bother you to increase the version in the Android as well as in the iOS part again and again? You can be helped. Every time you want to create a new version you have to increase the build number in Android as well as in iOS: You have to modify the app/build.gradle file and the Info.plist file. Prototype development is a key process to develop and create a successful product. It is a challenging task to create profitable and economically viable manufacturing solutions in a competitive global market environment. In order to remain competitive, a manufacturer needs high-quality and inexpensive machines that can facilitate customers changing needs and requirements.

Step By Step Procedure:

For apk (Android) you need to run the command :

flutter build apk --release

And After that go to the Visual Studio Code

Then open your Folder:

Go to your project manager and open the build folder.

After opening the Build Folder go to the App.

Then Choose Outputs

check the Flutter-apk

Then Lastly Locate your app-release.apk


After completing those steps, you have generated your first application and will be able to launch it on your phone. This may be used as a prototype for what you’re doing, and it can also be used to identify whether your software has any faults or difficulties so you can address them quickly.


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