How to Hide “System Requirements Not Met” on Windows 11?

Windows 11 is known for being finicky when it comes to hardware. You might be getting a “System Requirements Not Met” notice if you skipped over the standard requirements and forced it to install. Here’s how to turn it off.

A registry hack can be used to disable the notifications. You can use Regedit or the registry keys we’ve provided to accomplish it manually.

Using Regedit, disable “System Requirements Not Met.”

Using the Registry Editor to disable the “System Requirements Not Met” notification is simple. Hit Enter or click “Open” after clicking the Start button and typing “regedit” into the search bar.

Click "Open."

The key is located at Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\UnsupportedHardwareNotificationCache

Navigate there or copy and paste the address into your browser’s address bar.

Address bar in regedit and the relevant key,

A DWORD value named SV2 should exist. To open the editor, right-click it and select “Modify,” or double-click it.

Click "Modify."

Click “Ok” after changing the value from “1” to “0.”

Enter "0" into the field, then click "Ok."

You’ll have to create the key if it doesn’t already exist. You must name the key UnsupportedHardwareNotificationCache by right-clicking “Control Panel,” going to “Add,” and then clicking “Key.”

Right-click "Control Panel," mouse over "New," and then click "Key."

After you’ve created the key, you’ll need to fill it with a DWORD value. Right-click “UnsupportedHardwareNotificationCache,” then select “DWORD (32-bit) Value” from the context menu.

Right-click the key you made, hover over "New," and click "DWORD (32-bit)."

Set the value to “0” and name the new entry “SV2.”

Enter "0" into the field, then click "Ok."

For the changes to take effect, you may need to restart Explorer.exe or your computer.

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