How to hide your Personal Files Inside an Image using winRAR

The process of saving and hiding a file or data in an image, video, or audio file is called steganography. This is a very efficient way to protect your important personal information from others while sharing it online or storing it on your computer. There is a lot of software you can use to download files and hide them in images, but today we will learn how to do it without using any software.

The following steps may seem complicated, but they are very easy to perform. CMD & # 40; Command Prompt & # 41; Hide files in the image. This guide is for the Windows operating system. I think this is one of the best ways to protect your personal files and folders from intruders, annoying guest users, or friends who use your laptop / computer rather than your laptop.

Let’s start hiding!

How to Hide Files inside Images

1. Select a file/folder that you want to hide. Using the WinRAR software compress the file/folder to .zip or .rar format. And also choose an image in which you want to embed/put this .zip or .rar file.

hide files in images

2. For ease, move the .zip/.rar file and the image on the desktop.

hide files in images

3. To open the Command prompt window, press Windows key + R and type cmd and hit enter. Run the command cd Desktop to move to the desktop. Similarly, if your files are located in some other folder use the cd command to move to that directory.

hide files inside images

4. Once you are in the directory where the .zip/.rar file is present and the image, run the following command:

copy /b c.png+Woking.rar protected.png

This command hides your file Working.rar inside a new image protected.png. Make sure to replace c.png with your image name and Woking.rar with your file name.

hide files inside images

5. If your files are successfully copied then you will see the message: 1files(s) copied.

6. To see your files that are protected in the image(protected.png), open the image with WinRAR software. Now you can extract them if you want.

hide files inside images

While using the command mentioned in point 4, make sure your file and image names are correct. If you will provide wrong names, then the command will return the following message 1 file(s) copied but when you will try to open the protected file with Winrar you will get an error.

This process is one of the best ways to hide your data because even if you open the protected image it opens as an image so that no one can find that you have saved some data in that image. One can find the data in protected image only if they open it with Winrar software.


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