How to Install Dart SDK (as Zip file) in Windows

What is Dart?

On any platform, Dart is a client-optimized language for creating quick apps. With a configurable execution runtime platform for app platforms, it aims to provide the most productive programming language for cross-platform development.

The Dart programming language utilizes static type checking to guarantee that a variable’s value always corresponds to the static type of the variable. The Dart typing system is highly adaptable, allowing the usage of a dynamic type together with runtime checks, which might be helpful for code that has to be very dynamic or during experimentation.

System requirements

The Dart SDK is supported on Windows:

  • Supported versions: Windows 10 and 11.
  • Supported architectures: x64, IA32, ARM64.
    Support for ARM64 is experimental, and is available only in the beta and dev channels.

Installing Dart sDK as Zip File

  1. Go to the Dart website
  2. Choose the Dart channel build or version that you would like to download
  3. Click the Dart SDK and extract the Dart channel build and version.
  1. On your Local Disk (C:\) create a new folder and paste the extracted dart folder.
  1. Go to [your newly created folder] > [extracted dart folder] > dartsdk-windows-x64-release > dart-sdk > bin, then copy the file path.
  1. Open the System properties by typing Edit the system environment variables in the search toolbar.
  1. On the System Properties window, click the Environment Variables.
  1. Go to Path, click New and paste the file path then click OK.
  1. Close the window and you are done. You have successfully installed Dart!
  • To verify that you have successfully installed Dart. Type cmd in the search bar and in the Command prompt window type dart --version.

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