How to Integrate Your Watson Assistant to Facebook Messenger

After creating a virtual assistant or chatbot in IBM Watson Assistant, you must be thinking on integrating it on other messaging platforms. In this tutorial, you will learn how to integrate your Watson Assistant to your Facebook Messenger Page.

Step 1. Create Facebook Application

Go to and log in with your Facebook credentials. Click Create App and complete the steps to create a new app ID.

In the navigation pane, click Settings > Basic. Under App Secret, click Show. Copy the app secret and paste it on the Application Secret section in the Watson Assistant website.

Step 2. Connect Watson Assistant to Facebook

  • Click the plus sign (+) next to Products in the left side menu on the Facebook app page.
  • Find the Messenger tile under Add a product and click Set Up.
  • Scroll down to Access Tokens in Messenger’s settings. Select the Facebook page you wish to use for your app by clicking Add or Remove Pages.
  • To generate the page access token, click Generate Token and check the I Understand checkbox. After copying the Token Generated paste it in the Page Access Token section in the Watson Assistant Website.

Step 3. Configure Facebook Webhooks

  • Scroll down to the Webhooks area of the Facebook Messenger settings. Click Add Callback URL.
  • Paste the generated callback URL into the Callback URL field in the Edit Callback URL window.
  • Paste the verify token that was produced for you earlier into the Verify Token area.
  • Click Verify and Save.
  • Click Add Subscriptions. In the Edit Page Subscriptions window under Subscription Fields, select messages and messaging_postbacks. Click Save.

Step 4. Connect your Assistant

Congrats! In Messenger, you should be able to test your bot right now. To interact with it until you make it public, you must be a Page admin.

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