How To Keep Your Device Happy

A photo that represents what it will look like if you didn't keep your device happy.

You purchase a laptop or computer with the intention of using it for a long time. Unlike phones, which are upgraded every few years, some people go years without upgrading their laptops. And why would you want to? as the old saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Here are some ways on how to keep your device happy:

  • Tidy up your hard drive by deleting old files

This can include old images you’ve already shared on Facebook, music songs you’ve lost interest in, and installer programs that have been allowed to fester in your downloads folder. If you are afraid to delete them permanently, you better have a copy on a separate hard drives.

  • Declutter your desktop with a bit of help from Windows or macOS

A cluttered desktop is unattractive. Nobody can deny that. Cleaning up your desktop does require some knowledge. You can click and drag the icons around until they’re in some sort of order, but that will take time out of your day, and you presumably have better things to do than fumble with a mouse for an hour.

  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies

This is critical for maintaining the speed and security of your computer (and web browser). Even routine internet browsing leaves a lot of cookies in your browser files, so taking the effort to delete them might help a lot.

  •  Clean your screen and keyboard

It’s time to look at the hardware now that we’ve cleaned up the digital side of your machine. Cleaning your computer on a regular basis might help extend the life of your machine. Consider how many crumbs, skin cells, and dirt particles end up on your keyboard.

  • Clean your ports

After years of use, your computer’s ports are prone to become blocked with dust and debris, just like the keyboard. As you know, your computer has a wide range of ports. Each one is slightly different in shape, getting inside and dislodging the dirt might be difficult for the inexperienced.

  • Check your camera and microphone

Use lens cleaners to clean the camera and a soft, dry cloth to clean the microphone to keep these gadgets clean. Cleaning the microphone with compressed air may cause the internal components that allow it to pick up sound to loosen or fall out.

  • Update your software and firmware

This is one of the most important things you can do to preserve the longevity and security of your system. And rightly so; otherwise, if your computer was infested with viruses, you wouldn’t be able to use it for years.


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