How to Make a Window Always Appear on Top in Windows 10 using DeskPins

Regardless of how you prefer to work, keeping windows at the top of the screen is critical to increasing productivity. Unfortunately, Windows 10 does not include that feature; however, you can easily add it to your PC using third-party software.

Use DeskPins to Make a Window Appear on Top

  1. Download and Install Deskpins using the Windows 10 installer.
  2. To run the program, double-click or right-click deskpins.exe and select ‘Open.’
  3. When you click the icon in your taskbar, the mouse icon changes to a small red pin.
  4. By clicking on the top portion of the window, you can pin your window or program.
  5. To indicate the status of the pinned window, a small red pin icon appears in the title bar.
  6. To unpin the window, click the pin icon to disable the option or simply close it.
  7. Optional: You can still minimize and maximize the window without losing the “always-on-top” status of the window.


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