How to minimize any Application to System Tray Using RBTray

RBTray 64bit version

Over the years, the Windows user interface has gone through many changes. Some layouts, such as the Start Menu, are extremely popular. Others, such as the ill-fated Windows 8 Metro interface, have received widespread criticism.

The taskbar, which contains all of your minimized windows, is hardly the target of such vitriol. It can, however, get quite crowded here. Not all of your programs, especially those that must run all of the time, require that much space. Unfortunately, Windows does not have a built-in method for minimizing a window to another usable area, such as the notification area. It was previously known as the system tray.

What is RBTray?

RBtray is a tiny open-source applet that works in a unique way. All you have to do is right-click the minimize window button while RBtray is running. In contrast to the standard left-click, which minimizes the window to the taskbar, this action minimizes the window to the taskbar.

In the notification area, you’ll find program icons.

The system does not have RBtray installed. As a result, you must run the program each time you want to use it. It’s not a major issue. Simply pinning the program shortcut to the taskbar or start menu will suffice. Alternatively, if you want to be a little more unusual, you can make it a launcher application that starts automatically when Windows starts.


  1. RBtray can be downloaded here and unzipped to any location.
  2. Use a shortcut or run the program from a folder.
  3. When you first start RBtray, you’ll see a window with some instructions; select OK to proceed.
  4. RBtray is currently running, but there are no icons or other signs that it is doing its job. anything.
  5. Any minimize button can be minimized to the notification area by right-clicking it.
  6. For the same effect, hold Shift while right-clicking any window’s title bar.
  7. The keyboard shortcut WIN + Alt + Down Arrow can be used to minimize the active window.
  8. Start RBtray again to close it, and the program will ask if you want to close the copy that is already open.


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