How to Open CMD in a Folder on Windows?

You may occasionally need Command Prompt to open a specific folder, but manually opening Command Prompt and changing the directory requires several lines of input. Why not open it in the folder you require?

How to Use the Address Bar as a Command Prompt?

You can use File Explorer’s address bar to open Command Prompt in a folder in Windows 10. In the address bar, type “cmd” and then press Enter.

Type "cmd" in the address bar, then hit Enter.

The directory for Command Prompt should be set to the folder you’re now viewing.

Command Prompt opened in the example folder

How to Use the Context Menu to Open Command Prompt?

The ability to start applications from the File Explorer address bar has been kept in Windows 11. It did, however, offer a new feature that allows you to easily run a Windows Terminal — which includes Command Prompt — from the new right-click context menu.

Click "Open in Windows Terminal."

To go from PowerShell to Command Prompt on Windows Terminal, type cmd into the command line and press Enter. You may also open a new Command Prompt tab by clicking the chevron (it looks like an arrow without the tail).

Click the chevron, then click "Command Prompt."

If you don’t need Command Prompt, you can use the extended context menu to launch PowerShell. Right-click an empty place while holding Shift, and then select “Open PowerShell Window Here.”

Click "Open PowerShell Window Here."

You can start Command Prompt from the PowerShell window you just launched if you really want to. To start Command Prompt, type cmd into the command line and hit Enter.

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