how to use Aero shake in your Device

Do you know that there is a computer trick where you can clean all the cluttered open windows in your screen?

As a student or employee, it is not a new sight in your device to have multiple open windows for job, for searching, and more. However, it is also not new that there is this trick where you can clean all of it in just one action. This trick started since the beginning of window 7. Here is the simplest way:

  • Minimize at least one window that is open. Though you can still do this with all your windows maximized, it is better to monitor the action with at least one minimized window.
  • Second, long left press your mouse cursor at the title bar of the window.
  • Lastly, while in long press, shake your mouse left and right for at least 5 seconds. After it, you will already see the result where only one window appears on your screen and everything else is minimized already.


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