How to Use Ultraviewer?

UltraViewer is a piece of software that allows you to remotely control or access a computer. UltraViewer can be used for a variety of purposes, including remote support for customers, partners, and friends, as well as remote access to your computer for work. For example, if your parent requires your assistance in repairing software on their PC, you can use remote control to assist them. If your friends require your assistance in learning how to use a software, you can assist them remotely without having to travel a thousand miles. Or you’re going on a trip and need to access your home computer to work.

Use Ultraviewer for Controlling a Computer:

  1. There will be two major sections at the program’s interface: Include your ID and password to allow control or control another computer. Alsol, if you want to control your partner’s computer, request their ID and password.
  2. We press the Start control button after entering the partner’s ID and password.
  3. To connect, you must enter the correct ID and password of the partner.
  4. As a result, the two computers are linked. We can control the remote partner’s computer by performing actions similar to those we would perform if we were sitting in front of our own computer.


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