How to Use Your Phone as your Mic in Windows Computer

  1. Download both the computer client and the mobile app. The free WO Mic download links for Windows can be found at You must also install the driver package, which can be found on the same page under “Install device driver on PC.”
  2. The WO Mic app is available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. While the mobile app is available for iPhone and Android devices, the computer client is only available for Windows (or Linux) computers.
  3. Launch WO Mic on both your phone and computer. This mobile app icon resembles a microphone and can be found on one of your Home screens, in the app drawer, or by searching. This newly added app can be found in your computer’s Start menu.
  4. In the mobile app, tap the Settings icon. This will be visible in the upper right corner of your screen.
  5. Select a mode of transportation by tapping Transport. A menu will appear, from which you can choose whether to connect via USB, WiFi, or Bluetooth. Connecting via USB is the most commonly recommended method because it is the most robust and has the highest bit rate. Connect your phone to your computer via USB, then enable USB Debugging Mode (Android only) by going to Settings > About > Developer Options.
  6. Return to the mobile app’s main screen. To return to and close the menu, use the navigation buttons on your screen. You can also close and reopen the app.
  7. On the mobile app, tap the start icon. This will be visible in the upper right corner of your screen. It will launch the server.
  8. You can now put down your phone and work on your computer.
  9. In the WO Mic computer client, select the Connection tab. This is visible in the top left corner of the client window.
  10. Click the Connect button. Usually, this is the first option on the menu.
  11. Select a transport (connection) type by clicking. In the panel on the left side of the window, you’ll see a list of options. You must select the same connection type that you did previously.
  12. In the “Details” pane, select the information. Unless you’re using USB, which means you don’t need to add any specific information, you’ll need to specify certain parameters for the connection before you can continue.
  13. Click the Connect button. This will be visible at the bottom of the window.


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