Importance of shutting down your laptop When not in use

  1. Bought a new device
    Shutting down and restarting your device helps to bring stress in the system. If you are still using a new one, it is important to find if there is a faulty system specially during it’s waranty stage which will benefit you as well.
  2. Increase device lifespan
    A laptops battery normally weaken after 300 charge cycle. No battery is drained when you shut down your laptop, which helps you avoid hitting that charge cycle number. Aside from that, even if the fan is operating, your computer warms up, inflicting damage on your hardware.
  3. Enhancing device performance
    Shutting down or restarting your computer can stop apps from running in the background and solve errors while correctly resetting the drivers, allowing you to improve the performance of your device.
  4. Avoid power surges
    Power surges are unavoidable and uncontrollable. Furthermore, they have the potential to badly harm your computer, which will cost you not just money but also data that was not saved.
  5. Saving money
    Shutting down laptop helps to slowdown battery consumption. This will benefit the user specially when you avoid charging since the electricity consumption is around 300kWh per year.
  6. Protect you privacy
    Another reason to turn off your computer is to protect your privacy. If you want to prevent cyberattacks, shutting down your device can help secure crucial data. Furthermore, if your computer is not turned on, it cannot be hacked.
  7. Improve Your Productivity
    Even if you’re taking a break from work, you could feel compelled to check a few items if your computer is left on. So, turning down your computer, if not every night, at least on weekends, helps you maintain your work-life balance.


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