Is it beneficial to use a mechanical keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards are what most people think of when they think of keyboards; they’re the strong, classic-looking keyboards from the 1980s. Mechanical keyboards are manufactured with high-quality plastic key switches below each of the keycaps, according to a more precise description. Here are some pros and cons of using mechanical keyboard:


  • They last longer than membrane keyboards
  • They’re faster and easier to type on
  • They’re more responsive to keystrokes
  • They provide stronger feedback while typing
  • They’re more precise
  • They’re more comfortable


  • They’re more expensive than membrane or rubber dome keyboards
  • They’re heavier than membrane keyboards
  • They’re louder than membrane keyboards
  • They’re harder to clean as the keys are taller with bigger gaps between each
  • They can be more easily damaged with spills from liquids and food particles
  • There is a huge selection so choosing the right one can be an overwhelming experience

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