Less excited about technology

If you have read about some articles regarding technology predictions this year, you may be thinking that we may leave our physical bodies and be reborn with artificial intelligence, robotics, the internet of things, the newest efforts to persuade everyone to wear linked eyewear, and our inevitable and immediate shift to the “Metaverse.”

We all comprehend and appreciate technology’s great potential to revolutionize our job, economy, culture, society, and lives. We are all aware of the enormous benefits that the digital revolution will bring. And we’re all well aware, often painfully, of the numerous drawbacks that the rapid pace of change generated by technological progress may and, in many cases, has already brought. But, as we start a new year, rife with uncertainty as a byproduct of Covid and concerns about an impending cost-of-living crisis, how about we all make a somewhat counter-intuitive settlement: to become a bit less thrilled about technology. It is undeniable that we are living in a period of exceptional opportunity for technology marketing and branding specialists.

Furthermore, we are dealing with the unanticipated consequences of many of the technologies that have arisen in the last decade – and we are still figuring out how to limit the often-significant negative societal implications. New innovations do not need to be promoted in order to be fascinating. They don’t have to be sold in the manner of a cult. And they do, progressively, require a far greater level of common sense and reason to anticipate any potential drawbacks at an early stage.  Let us be optimistic about technical advancement in 2022. But let’s not get too thrilled, as some would have us.


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