Microsoft accounts will no longer need passwords

In the present, all of our accounts in the internet requires us to enter passwords for the security of our account. In their blog, Microsoft announced that they will give their users an option to access their accounts without passwords.The Microsoft Authenticator app, a security key, a verification number given to your phone or secondary email address, or Windows Hello, a biometric solution that involves scanning your face, iris, or fingerprint, are all options available to users.

According to the company, having a password has two issues: complex passwords that people can’t remember and passwords that aren’t secure enough because they’re too easy. According to them, 579 password attacks occur per second, totaling around 18 billion every year; one reason for this is that internet users tend to create simple passwords. “123456” was the most often used password in 2020, according to security firm NordPass, followed by “123456789.” NordPass recommends establishing passwords for each account and using a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, digits, and symbols to make them more difficult to crack if you don’t have a password manager program.

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