Photopea Vs Photoshop

Photopea is a powerful web-based image editing software, that can work seamlessly with both vector and raster graphics.It can be used for image editing, making illustrations, web design or converting between different image formats.  On the other hand, photoshop is an application for manipulating digital photographs with which users have access to. The features offered by Photoshop are not limited to editing only, but it also alllows users to enhance the overall quality of the image, make the photo attractive, give it an artistic look, create multiple effects and many more.

Now to compare both image editing software, Adobe Photoshop is an unconditional leader for most. The innumerable uses of Adobe Photoshop in everyday life are unlimited, time can be saved in the editing process, the image can be altered in any way, and the picture can be modified without any loss of quality. But in terms of accessibility, photopea wins for again, it is a web-based graphics editor, so you don’t have download and install it. Just simply pull it up in your web browser, and voila! Start editing!



  • Web-based
  • Can open PSD files
  • Layer masks
  • Blend modes
  • Selection of brushes

Adobe Photoshop

  • Pattern preview
  • Customizable drawing tools
  • In-built filters
  • Sky replacement
  • Retouching features

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