Python Vs C++

C++ was introduced to make programming easier and more pleasant for the programmer. But Python became more popular for its concise and easily-readable code, earning high regard for its easy to use and simplicity to new developers. But which of the two is better? Python or C++?

Flexible, object – oriented and open source programming language designed to raise development quality expectations in the scripting domainGeneral purpose programming language which is best suited for resource constrained-applications such as those found in software infrastructures.
Inbuilt garbage collection system ensures efficient memory management in python. Does noy need garbage collector because it has no garbage.
Both dynamically typed and strongly typed language in which type checking is done at run time. Statically typed language in which variable types are explicitly declared and are determined at compile time.
Easier to learn and write code. Less versatile and more difficult to learn.
Rapid prototyping is possible due to small size of the code. Rapid prototyping is not possible due to large size of the code.

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