Python VS JavaScript: Which is the best Programming Language?

Edited by: Reena Capili

Currently, two of the most used programming languages are Python and JavaScript. They are both excellent candidates for beginning a coding career because they are both relatively simple to learn and have a lot of job opportunities.


Python supports a variety of programming paradigms, including imperative, functional, procedural, and object-oriented programming. It is a programming language used in back-end development, the part of web design responsible for developing features that users don’t see, such the server side of an application.


JavaScript enhances user experience by automating website and app operations. It was first developed as a front-end language to give browsers access to dynamic functionality that was inaccessible using only HTML and CSS.

Benefits of Python and JavaScript

Python JavaScript
It is an advanced object-oriented language with accessible data structures.It has the capacity to support all current browsers and deliver an equivalent outcome.
Open source and community development.Global corporations promote community development by initiating significant projects. An example is Google (created Angular framework) or Facebook (created the React.js framework).
It is adaptable and simple to read, understand, and write.JavaScript is always executed in a client environment, which saves a good amount of bandwidth and has a quick execution time, regardless of where it is hosted.
It supports a wide variety of libraries (NumPy for numerical calculations, Pandas for data analytics, etc).Microsoft created the important object known as XMLHttpRequest, which is used in JavaScript. The XMLHttpRequest object calls are made as part of an asynchronous HTTP request to the server to send data without refreshing the page.
It is a dynamically typed language, meaning that the data type is determined by the value that has been assigned rather than by explicitly mentioning it.
Ideal for prototypes because it requires less coding and offers greater functionality
Highly Efficient (Python is more efficient because of its clear object-oriented design, which enhances process control, and because the language has good text processing and integration features as well as a built-in unit testing framework.)
Which Is The Best Programming Language? Is it Python or JavaScript?

Actually, There really is no right answer to the age-old Python vs JavaScript question. The Python has an advantage when it comes to simplicity of learning and extensive application in fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning while JavaScript is more commonly used due to the fact that most developers already know it to some extent. The bottom line is that you really can’t go wrong with either language. Decide on one, pick the right course, and get yourself on track to a challenging and rewarding career.

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