Social Media Awareness

The photo shows the word mindfulness which represents the message of this blog wherein it reminds us to be mindful of everything we share in our social media accounts.
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Being mindful of both the information you share and the people you interact with on social media is a healthy habit. It might be challenging for you to manage or delete information you post online. This is especially true once it has been shared by another user. Oversharing information is arguably the biggest risk of using social media. The ways in which it can be harmful are numerous. In this case, everyone should really study Social Media Awareness. You may find a ton of tips online to assist you in using social media effectively, or you can use the checklist below as a starting point:

  • Set all social media accounts to the maximum level of secrecy.
  • Use Google to search for yourself and look at the results.
  • Delete any posts or images that might turn off a prospective employer.
  • Establish a solid online reputation and demonstrate interest in the career you want.
  • Avoid using vulgar language on social media
  • Avoid posting disparaging remarks about any company, position, or colleague.
  • Announcing your new employment on social media before the employer has given the go-ahead.

Knowing your social media “friends” is also essential because these are the ones you will be sharing information with. You have the option to reject friend requests or follower requests issued to you by people you don’t know.

The information you put on social media, as we just discussed, becomes public and you have very little control over what happens to it after that. Even if you remove your post or image, there’s a potential that someone else may have shared it or duplicated it, making it still searchable by others.

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