South Korea broadband firm sues Netflix because of Squid Game

SK Broadband filed a lawsuit against Netflix to recover costs incurred as a result of increased network traffic and maintenance work as a result of the surge in viewers. According to the Seoul court, Netflix should compensate the internet service provider for network usage.

Netflix’s standing as the country’s second-largest data traffic producer after Google’s Youtube was emphasized by the success of the hit series “Squid Game” and other services, but the two do not pay network usage fees that other content providers such as Amazon, Apple, and Facebook do.

From May 2018, Netflix’s data traffic handled by SK increased by 24 times to 1.2 trillion bits of data processed per second. Netflix stated that they are under no duty to pay the broadband provider for network usage, and that SK is merely executing its contractual responsibilities to internet customers, and that distribution in the online world is in essence free.

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