The Pros of Using Elementor On a WordPress Website

Having a drag-and-drop page builder offers versatility. Elementor provides the user with multiple benefits, making it the superior choice for professional website designers and personal users alike. Below, we outline the pros of using Elementor when building your WordPress website:

  • Ease of Use

Elementor’s simplicity and ease of use are its main benefits when utilizing it as your main page builder. With the simple ‘sections, columns, and widgets’ drag and drop interface, users can search the library for the exact widget they are needing to use and simply drag it into the position that they want it displayed on their website – there is no need for unnecessary coding for functionality, simplifying the whole process, saving the user time and money.

  • What you see is what you get

When the user is building a website with Elementor, what they see is what they get. It’s like building directly to the website in real time. As the site is constructed using the Elementor widgets, the output is what the website is actually going to look like once it is live on the web. There is no imagery trickery and no surprises later down the track.

  • Extensive training opportunities

With over 3 million websites worldwide using the Elementor page builder plugin, the team behind Elementor created an extensive library of resources that can assist users when building their WordPress websites.

Youtube provides comprehensive content, showcasing tutorial videos for various widgets in both the free and pro versions of the Plugin. There is also an extensive list of resources on the Elementor website to assist you through the website-building process.

  • Responsive Design

Elementor allows users to view website through multiple device channels, such as tablets and mobile phones without reducing functionality or aesthetic appeal.

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