Tips to save mobile internet when connected to a laptop

1. Turn Off Updates.

Turning off automatic updates will help you save a lot of data. Because we routinely use persistent wifi or a broadband connection, many of us forget to switch it off. We use mobile data when your wifi is down or your fixed internet is having problems.

For Windows Users

save mobile internet data when connected to a laptop

Click the Windows search option > type update in the search field > click Check for updates > click the Advance option > turn off all updates.

For mac users

Disable the Automatic Updates by going to System Preferences > Apple Logo > Disable Automatic Updates.

macos sierra auto update sc macOS Sierra

2. Turn Off Background Applications

Several background programs might use up all of your mobile data. Before using a hotspot, close any applications that require internet access.

You may also adjust the application’s settings and make it so that it doesn’t start up when your computer does.

Also, when using the internet from your phone, try not to launch more than two programs on your computer at once since you never know if your app requires an update.

3. Limit your connected users

save mobile internet data when connected to a laptop

Your internet connection may be shared by one or more people. It’s best to limit this by setting your hotspot to just allow one user. You may also update your hotspot password on a regular basis, such as once a month, to prevent previously connected users from connecting.

4. Set your data limit

save mobile internet data when connected to a laptop

You must locate the one-time data limit option, where the default setting for setting the data limit consumption via a portable hotspot is 200 Mb.

You may control how much data you use using this setting, and after you’ve hit your limit, the internet connection will be turned off. But don’t worry, you can still access the internet by turning it off.

5. Watch videos on low quality

To conserve mobile internet data, simply watch videos on YouTube in 360p quality. I’m not sure what you noticed, but a video with a lot of action will eat more bandwidth.

You can see this by browsing to YouTube and viewing a 480p music video, then switching to a whiteboard animation movie of the same quality and time.

Because of the visuals created, you will notice that the music video consumes more data. In the whiteboard animation video, however, you will notice that less data has been utilised.


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