Useful Flutter CLI Commands

An image executing flutter doctor which is included in this blog post about useflu Flutter CLI commands.
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You might have been working on your Flutter projects for a while now and possibly have used Flutter CLI commands unknowingly of the others out there for you to use. That is why today we are going to tackle the useful Flutter CLI Commands and their uses.

In fact, the flutter command-line tool is how developers (or IDEs acting on their behalf) interface with Flutter. You can use the dart command-line tool to execute Dart instructions . Let’s get started!

Show All Flutter Commands:

Firstly, you can show all commands on your Flutter CLI by just typing the commands below. This command will show a list of commands and their verbose information, leaving no information undisclosed to you.

flutter --help --verbose

Flutter CLI Commands: Create

Of course, we would never forget to add this command to our blog as this command is the very command line that is used when creating your first Flutter project. Moreover, don’t forget that when you execute this command, you have to type a directory next to it or the project name itself, thus it knows where the new project will be created.

flutter create my_app

Flutter CLI Commands: Upgrade

We have already tackled how to upgrade or downgrade our Flutter version conveniently in my past blog post using the FVM plugin, but what if there’s a scenario you can’t use the FVM and do it natively on what was given to you by default of the Flutter SDK? That is why we included this command line for you to use. Simply run the code below to get the most recent version of Flutter in its branch.

flutter upgrade

In contrast, you can also run the code below to downgrade your current Flutter version.

flutter downgrade

Flutter CLI Command: Doctor

Foundationally, this Flutter CLI command is very important as before you start making Flutter apps, you’ll need to execute this code to analyze a proper installation and pre-requisite for developing an app on our machines. Run the code below to display details about the installed tooling.

flutter doctor


In conclusion, we tackled the usefulness of the Flutter CLI Commands and their uses. In addition to this, the Flutter command-line tool is how developers interface with the Flutter SDK. You can see all the commands on your Flutter CLI by just typing the flutter --help --verbose command. You may check the official documentation here where you can check if there are changes or new commands will be made in the future. Thank you for reading. If you found this useful, please share it with your family and friends.

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