What is BLoC in Flutter Flame?

Flutter is a great and extensible platform with an emphasis on producing cross-platform apps. Flame is an open source game engine for Flutter. Provides features such as (1) Displaying images, sprites, and animations, (2) Receiving input (from the keyboard, mouse, and other input devices), and (3) Camera and viewport.

What is BLoC?

One of the state management tools for Flutter apps is Flutter Bloc. Managing easily all the potential states of your application. Enabling you to manage your state in a way that separates your presentational logic from your business logic. Making testing and reusing your code simpler.


in your pubspec.yaml, add the pub package by putting the bloc engine in your dependency, you can go to the pubdev website to further explore the flame bloc library.

   flame_bloc: ^1.8.0

Then, import the package in your dart file where you’ll be using the flame bloc package.

import 'package:flame_bloc/flame_bloc.dart';

Utilizing bloc in managing the aspects in the game state increases the separation of the game functionality and provide a straightforward means of communication between our game elements and UI widgets.

That’s it. Hoping this assist you in “What Is BLoC In Flutter Flame?“. Thank you!

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