What is Flame in Flutter?

Flutter is a multiplatform UI toolkit where you can create apps for several platforms, including Android, iOS, desktop, and the web, using a single codebase. Developers are quick to create and publish applications because of the Flutter team’s dedication to this goal. Game makers may now create stunning gaming applications without worrying about speed, loading times, or app size.

What is Flame?

Flame is a 2D game creation framework. Flutter game engine that is flexible and offers a full range of convenient options for games. Game loop and other crucial capabilities, such animations, collision and bounce detection, and dynamic scrolling are simple to develop using the Flame engine. It makes use of the comprehensive architecture offered by Flutter while streamlining the code required to create your projects.


in your pubspec.yaml, add the pub package by putting the flame engine in your dependency, you can find the latest version in the pub.dev

  flame: ^1.4.0

Flutter Flame provides individual packages for different functionalities:

  • flame_audio – Flame package that offers audio features using the audioplayers package.
  flame_audio: ^1.3.2
  • flame_forge2d – Offers physics features package using your own Box2D port named Forge2D.
  flame_audio: ^1.3.2
  • flame_tiled – Package that offers assimilation with the tiled package.
  flame_tiled: ^1.8.0
  tiled: ^0.9.0

These packages are all independent and modular. Meaning, you can pick and choose whichever depending on your needs.


In this Blog, we introduced you with Flutter’s Flame engine. We also presented the independent packages the flame features: flame_audio, flame_forge2d and, flame_tiled. For further details in Flutter Flame Engine, you can check the Flame GitHub repositories

Please feel free to get in touch, file problems, submit pull requests, and offer ideas as the community is always working to enhance the engine and its community.

That’s it. Hoping this assist you in “What Is Flame In Flutter?“. Thank you!

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