What is Mirth connect?

Mirth Connect

Mirth Connect is a cross-platform interface engine used in the healthcare industry that enables the management of information using bi-directional sending of many types of messages. The primary use of this interface engine is in healthcare.

On September 9, 2013 Mirth Corporation announced they were acquired by Quality Systems.

The Mirth Solutions Mission

Mirth Solutions help many of the nation’s largest, most respected healthcare entities streamline their care-management processes to satisfy the demands of a regulatory, competitive healthcare industry. With Mirth Solutions, NextGen Healthcare’s goal is to provide the healthcare community with a secure, efficient, cost-effective means of sharing health information. The natural product of this aim is a family of applications – which includes Mirth Connect – flexible enough to manage patient information, from small practices to large HIEs, so our clients and users can work confidently and effectively within the healthcare-delivery system.

About Mirth Connect Like an interpreter who translates foreign languages into the one you understand, Mirth Connect translates message standards into the one your system understands. Whenever a “foreign” system sends you a message, Mirth Connect integration capabilities expedite the following:

Filtering – Mirth Connect reads message parameters and passes the message to or stops it on its way to the transformation stage.

Transformation – Mirth Connect converts the incoming message standard to another standard (e.g., HL7 to XML).

Extraction – Mirth Connect can “pull” data from and “push” data to a database.

Routing – Mirth Connect makes sure messages arrive at their assigned destinations.

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