When a browser cannot verify a site’s SSL certificate, an error message with the string NET::ERR CERT AUTHORITY INVALID appears. This incorrect code may be cause by a variety of SSL-related issues, including:

Untrustworthy certificate authority. The browser will examine the SSL certificate’s history while accessing websites. If the certificate authority is suspicious, the browser will display an invalid error message.

You’re using a self-signed SSL certificate. Although it may be less expensive, a self-signed certificate lacks credibility.

Your certificate has expired. An SSL certificate’s expiration date can vary. Others require yearly renewals, while some are lifetime. See if your certificate has expired by contacting the provider.

Improper installation of the certificate. If you recently migrated from HTTP to HTTPS, this problem frequently occurs.

Important! WordPress SSL implementation is crucial for website owners who want to protect their site’s data from online threats.

However, not all of these error’s causes can be attributed to SSL certificates. It can occasionally be brought on by problems with the client, such as:

Unsecured network connection. Although free, public WiFi does not provide secure traffic routing. Therefore, using a public internet connection may cause your browser to report an error code such as NET::ERR CERT AUTHORITY INVALID.

The operating system is out of date. If your operating system is outdated, the browser might refuse to load pages for security reasons.

The browser cache has expired. Expired cookies and cache could hinder browsers from verifying an SSL certificate.

Occurrence of Third-party apps. Third-party applications like browser add-ons, antivirus software, and virtual private networks (VPNs) may interfere with connectivity.

You may usually fix this mistake by simply changing the settings on your computer or browser. Let’s look at how this invalid code appears in various browsers before moving further into the alternatives.

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